About Us

We are a Latina owned small business rooted in Denver, Colorado. Chula is completely run and owned by me, Arlett! I have always loved fashion and pouring over fashion magazines is how I spent many hours growing up. My love for fashion even helped me achieve some of my proudest accomplishments; being the first at my middle school to wear Doc Martens and the first at my high school to wear skinny jeans. However, life got in the way, I went to business school and gave the corporate world a chance... after a few years, my work life felt like a total dud. So I put on some (female) rap music, purple lipstick, and made my dream come true. When I'm not working, you can find me at concerts, arts festivals, pop-up flea markets, or looking for the best street tacos. 

Here at Chula, we know that being a beautiful woman goes far beyond appearances. Chula embodies positivity, confidence, and girl power. We're here to make sure you look CUTE AF while you work on yourself, Chula. Bringing curated collections straight from the fashion markets of LA, Vegas, and NYC, to celebrate ALL women, past and present. Our mission is for each customer to discover her inner Chula. You CAN sit with us.